How to get a parcel

Food parcels are provided via a voucher scheme. Each food parcel provides food for three to four days. Vouchers are available from the CAB in Okehampton, and then food parcels are available from the Ockment Centre next door or from the Foodbank on a Friday morning 10-12 noon. On a Friday morning trained volunteers at the Foodbank can issue parcels but we prefer to use local agencies.

In addition to the CAB, other professionals or recognised charitable groups such as a social or support worker can often issue you with a voucher. If you have a child at a local school there may be a member of the staff that can help.

The foodbank aims to support people in a crisis and we usually only provide a maximum of three food parcels.

If you can’t get to Foodbank on a Friday morning please e-mail us with your details and we will try to help.

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